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A danish folk high school

Ry Højskole is a Danish folk high school in the tradition of independent schools offering non-formal education for adults – we call it education for life

Danish folk high schools offers no exams and makes no demands for previous grades or occupation. These schools belong to a unique concept in Scandinavian cultural tradition and they are recognized and subsidized by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Knowledge and awareness

The folk high schools aim at expanding knowledge and awareness through working with body as well as intellect, with musicality and creativity as well as reflection. Unfolding the student’s commitment, sense of humor and personal courage, the folk high school experience builds on awareness of ideals and values, and of what it takes to be a democratically minded member of society.

Teaching at a folk high school

Teaching at folk high schools is dialogic and is done in co-operation and on an equal footing between teachers and students. Attending classes is mandatory.

How is teaching in an everyday setting

In general the teaching at Ry Højskole takes place in Danish but teachers and students will help translating instructions and information into English. Thus to be a student at Ry Højskole you need to be able to communicate well in English.

Main subjects you can choose

The main subjects at Ry Højskole are Theatre, Music, Art & Design and Outdoor life. Read about courses to attend.

Courses to attend at Ry Højskole

A weekly schedule will be composed by main subject classes and a variety of elective subject classes as well as common activities.

Teaching in classes

All classes will be along with the Danish students and taught in Danish. We give instructions and announcements in English if you need it, and many Danish students understand and speak English very well.

Main subjects

The main subjects at Ry Højskole are Theatre, Music, Art & Design, Outdoor life, and The world surrounding us.

Among the elective subjects are Choir, Kayak and other sports, Drawing, Photo, Film, and many more.

This happens at Ry Højskole

Please be aware that participation in all main subjects as well as elective subjects will require sufficient language skills in Danish from the beginning.

High school evenings, workshops, singing and lectures

All students join in the morning singing and awareness class, in the weekly common meeting, and in workshops and lectures with varying content. Most weeks the local community is invited in to join students for a folk high school evening with varying content.

Study trips & Project work

During a course we also have full weeks of study trip or project work. This is when we go to visit another European country or when we are fully absorbed in our main subject.

In a village surrounded by all the green

The school is situated in a village surrounded by picturesque landscape. Read about the place.

A small town in a ‘big’ landscape

The village of Ry is situated at the center of a vast recreational area with lakes, hills and forests offering opportunities for outdoor life such as trekking, kayaking and canoeing, bicycling etc. etc.

Close to the lake and the train station

On the one side the school garden stretches down to the lakeside while on the other side, the train station connecting Ry with all of Denmark is right across the street.

The buildings

The school originally emerged around the former small town assembly hall but has been build out and expanded into a charming composition of old and newer buildings containing the dining hall, art and music studios and class rooms, theatre, hallways with student rooms, the student café, offices, auditorium etc.

Sleeping, eating and a short trip to Aarhus

Students will share double rooms unless single room is acquired and share living rooms and tea kitchens in ‘hallway-groups’ of 10-20 students. Main courses as well as afternoon and evening teas are served in the common dining hall.

Distance to Aarhus and more culture

Ry is only 35 km from Aarhus – Denmark’s second largest city with international art exhibitions, theatre and music hall, recreational and shopping facilities. Also in the proximity of Ry you will find towns such as Herning, Silkeborg, Horsens, and Vejle offering a wide variety of cultural experiences.

More about fees and practicalities

Read about fees, conditions and dates of courses.

How do I apply for a folk high school

In order to get your application process started please contact us is by e-mail. In your mail, we kindly ask that you describe your thoughts on attending a Danish Folk High School e.g.; What are your expectations? What are your goals? What would you like to learn? Why would you like to stay in Denmark? Why would you especially like to attend a course at Ry Højskole? Your mail should tell us something about you!

Apply for a reduced fee

If you find that you have reasons to apply for reduced fee through a scholarship please inform us of your reasons.

Include this information when applying

Please include information about your postal address, e-mail address, a phone number where you can be reached, gender and date of birth. After receiving this information we will mail you the application form for you to fill in your share of the application. If needed, you then apply to Danish authorities in your homeland for admittance on a special visa. We might ask for a skype interview. In that case additional information will follow.

Ry Højskole:

Telephone +45 8689 1888

Learn more about Danish folk high schools at

Watch the seasons change at the park in Ry Højskole – september to december

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På faget Broderi og budskab kobles håndens og hovedets arbejde. Vi skal nørkle med broderi – som faktisk er ekstremt sjovt og svært på samme tid – og vi skal reflektere over forholdet mellem netop håndens arbejdet og hovedet. Hvad sker der med vores hjerne, når vi fordyber os i et håndværk? Hvad er flow? Hvad giver det os, når vi mestrer noget?
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BRODERI & BUDSKAB er en del af valgfagene på Ry Højskole